• The minimum order amount for orders to the United Kingdom is EUR 155,00 excluding VAT and shipping costs. The VAT free price (where applicable) applies. Please note you may be charged VAT and import duties by HRM Customs.
  • No minimum purchase amount applies to UK VAT registered clients.
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  • Please note that due to the corona virus there are delays in delivery of parcels. This is out of our control! We ask for your understanding. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS IN DELIVERY.
  • Veuillez noter qu'en raison du virus corona, il y a des retards dans la livraison des colis. Ceci est hors de notre contrôle! Nous vous demandons votre compréhension. NOUS NE SOMMES PAS RESPONSABLES DES RETARDS DE LIVRAISON.
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  • Due to reoccurring delays in delivery of parcels to countries in Asia and Australia as a result of Covid19, we will, until further notice, NO LONGER ship to countries in these regions. We will only ship to Japan.
  • We understand that this is very unfortunate for our loyal clients but the delays are unacceptable and hampering our service level. Please contact us if you would like more information.
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